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Queen Mother Osunnike Anke is a natural healer, spiritual intuitive/seeress, priestess of the ancient West African goddess Osun, co-founder and president of the Institute of Whole Life Healing, a non-profit designed to assist individuals and groups in remembering their Original Greatness, Life’s Purpose, and Divinity.

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Queen Mother Osunnike’s passionate life’s purpose for over 30 years is creatively assisting women in healing and transmuting mind, body, ancestral, social, sexual, and cultural trauma so they can liberate the dormant Sacred Transformative Power within their wombs. She KNOWS that as healed, whole, liberated, and UNITED women – we have the Innate POWER to change our world. In alignment with her life’s purpose and Inner Knowing, she was called to birth One Million Wombs United (OMWU). OMWU is a universal mission uniquely designed to reignite the Sacred Feminine luminosity within the wombs of a “critical mass” of Consciously Evolving Empowered Women called to give birth to a New World. Additionally, she is a Reiki Master, sound vibration healer, psycho-spiritual therapist, published author, and performance artist.

She is also the Chief Priestess of the Sacred Feminine Mysteries Initiation – Passage into The Great Mother Priesthood, a sacred initiatory process, during which she is the spiritual midwife to “chosen” women in honoring their “Inner Spiritual Covenant” with The Great Mother in service to humanity.

These initiations are uniquely designed and facilitated to guide you into balance and harmony with your feminine nature and offer you an opportunity to reclaim your sacred feminine legacy, personal power, and divine inheritance. This can help you consciously contribute healthier womb and heart centered energy to your family, community, humanity, and our Earth Mother.

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Within these Sacred Feminine Mysteries initiations and many of the retreats, Queen Mother Osunnike often utilizes the “Beginning with the End in Mind – The Evolving Self” as an interactive writing and performance model, which will ask the question: What if this role you are playing is just that – a role?

Queen Mother Osunnike is gifted with the unique ability to genuinely connect with people from all walks of life. As she traverses the universe from Peru to Africa, she effortlessly encircles people in her magically woven tapestry of love, grace, and spiritual truth, while healing hearts and wombs.

Affectionately known as the “healers’ healer”, her work is truly a luminous reflection of her diverse life’s journey, purpose, and natural gifts.

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