Queen Mother Osunnike Anke specializes in working with diverse spiritual women, conscious light leaders, and evolutionary change activists who are taking responsibility for the healing, reconsecration and liberation of our personal wombs, our sisters’ wombs and the Womb of our Earth Mother.

osunnike anke healer

Sacred Sexual Healing For Women

This work is designed to assist you in journeying deep into the calabash of your yoni/womb where you will remember, reawaken, re-consecrate, reclaim, re-embody, and reunite your sacred sexual womb wisdom and unveiled innocence. Your sessions can include spiritual cleansing baths, yoni cleansing and re-consecrating ceremonies, holy touch massage, intuitive spiritual readings, energy healing, breath, sound, and movement.

Spiritual Aspirant Initiation (SAI)

As women, we have the innate POWER to change our world. It’s time to reclaim and reawaken your dormant Sacred Feminine POWER, which is your inherent feminine birthright deeply embedded within your womb. When we as feminine beings spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically cleanse and purify our own womb, we naturally contribute to the healing of the Womb of our Earth Mother and our collective human family.

Sacred Feminine Mysteries Initiation into The Priesthood (SFM)

The Sacred Feminine Mysteries Initiation – Passage into The Great Mother (the feminine face of God) is for those women who are ready to answer that unrelenting Inner Spiritual Calling into the Sacred Feminine Mysteries priesthood. As a Priestess of the Sacred Feminine Mysteries, you are reawakened to the realization that you are here to make practical and spiritual use of your awakened consciousness, spiritual gifts, talents, abilities, and life’s purpose in the way of service to humanity and, to re-establishing your personal covenant with The Great Mother.

Sacred Sexual Healing, Liberation and Wholeness Igniter Retreats

Queen Mother Osunnike Anke's additional training in psycho-spiritual healing, drama therapy, energy and sound healing, and the performing arts are all creatively woven into our Sacred Feminine Mysteries initiations and Sacred Sexual Healing, Liberation and Wholeness circles and retreats for women.

Healing Experiences for Everyone

Private Individual Sessions

Your Psychospiritual Counseling session utilizes my spiritual intuitive awareness combined with a transpersonal and holistic mind, body and spirit view of the challenges, setbacks, and confusion that you may be experiencing along your life’s journey.

Energy Healing & Rebalancing Session

Your private energy healing and rebalancing session begins with a spiritually intuitive reading to assess where the energy is being blocked.

Sacred Nest Healing Weekend Intensive

Your private Sacred Nest Healing Weekend Intensive is designed to hold Sacred Space that nurtures your mind, body and spirit allowing you to Stop, Breathe, Listen, and Reconnect to the Divinity within.

"Heal a Woman, Heal a Nation - Reach Across the Lines of Difference and Heal the World"

~Queen Mother Amshatar Ololodi Monroe

Sacred Mantra Meditation Sound Healing

A uniquely designed Sound Healing Vibrational practice, which blends ancient indigenous wisdom and scientifically measured knowledge (global coherence monitoring) for long-term transformative results.

A universal Womb Mantra to activate, awaken, and mobilize brainwaves into harmonic resonance by revealing the more deeply embedded challenges women have faced and how to manifest the ultimate solution from the inside out.